Our brains are behind all that we do including our spiritual life. It is only recently that the long-standing war between religion and science was declared over (except by Christian and other fundamentalists who still haven't accepted evolution). During the past five years, there have been many studies by neurologists on meditation, chanting, and other aspects of the devotional life. In this engrossing book, Rabbi Ralph Mecklenburger examines what cognitive science has learned about various aspects of the religious life. You know that the author is on the right track when you read the blurb for his book by the renowned neuroscientist David Eagleman who calls it "a critically important book."

The brain helps us construct our reality and plays a major role in determining our behavior and our pattern of meanings. Mecklenburger reports on tests done on monks that prove that mystical experiences have a neurological substrate. In another very interesting chapter, he explains that functions once attributed to souls now are thought to be carried out by our brains. Mecklenburger excels in his assessment of many ways in which the brain fosters connections: between different ideas and philosophies; between varied factions in community; and between different religions.

After reading this book and assimilating some of its major messages, you will want to bless your brain for all it has done for you and your spiritual journey!