The Illuminated Rumi, with translations and commentary by Coleman Barks, is a prodigious sampler of the great Sufi poet's spiritual gems wedded to the phantasmagorical illustrations of Michael Green. Here is a marriage that celebrates mystery, meaning, and the many-sidedness of the soul's journey through life.

In his commentaries, Barks assesses Rumi's friendship with Shams, his spiritual teacher; his far-flung and thought-provoking imagery; his relish for the rhythmic practice; his acknowledgement of the value of shadow and darkness; his joy in the path of heart; and his unique brand of mysticism which has been affirmed by leaders in all the world's religions. "Work in the invisible world,/at least as hard,/as you do in the visible," advises Rumi.

Michael Green's innovative imagery, using typography, old masters, photographs, and prints, takes us deeper into these poems about love, grace, transformation, silence, and attention. "The power of love came into me, and I became fierce like a lion, then tender like the evening star," writes Rumi. The Illuminated Rumi is a devotional masterwork that will exercise both your soul and your imagination.