"A mystic sees beyond the illusion of separateness into the intricate web of life in which all things are expressions of a single whole. You can call this web God, the Tao, the Great Spirit, the Infinite Mystery, Mother, or Father, but it can be known only as love," writes Joan Borysenko in this book. In this edifying book, the author of "A Woman's Book of Life" maps the different opportunities for spiritual growth found in every religious tradition. She has come up with seven different routes and some concrete practices for each journey.

The path of the everyday mystic emphasizes gratitude and the spiritual practice of taking care of the earth. The path of creativity and abundance involves a generosity of spirit that is open to new possibilities. The path of service revolves around patient self-giving. The path of the heart is centered around the contemplative arts and devotion. The path of discipline, ethics, and will emphasizes acting with integrity. The path of wisdom grows out of study and mindfulness. The seventh path is one of faith-it puts the accent on paradox and grace. The Ways of the Mystic by Joan Borysenko provides another key to understanding the many spiritual options before us.