Peace Prayers
Shanti – Sanskrit for peace, calm, and tranquility – runs like a sacred thread throughout the prayers and practices of Hinduism. Here are examples: prayers for the welfare of all humanity, for peace on earth, and for peace throughout the firmament.

What You Will See Inside a Hindu Temple
Part of a series of illustrated books designed to show young readers ages 6 - 10 the who, what, when, where, why, and how of traditional houses of worship and rituals of different world faiths, What You Will See Inside a Hindu Temple offers guidance on the many forms of the Divine, the symbol Om, performing puja, honoring teachers, celebrations and festivals, and much more. Here is an excerpt on family shrines.

Many have tapped into the bounties of hatha yoga as medicine, nutrition, and stress-reduction. Others have linked it to the spiritual dimensions of love, work, ritual, and ethics. These yoga quotes help you discover the blessings of this practice. For an introductory practice, try the humility, reverence, and surrender of Child Pose.

Rituals and Festivals
No one knows for sure how many rituals and festivals there are in Hinduism; scholars suggest that there may be more than 1,000. With great color and pagentry, they celebrate India's holy rivers, springtime and harvest, stories from the tales of deities, and much more. Two of the most beloved festivals are Diwali, a celebration of our inner light, and Navratri, nine nights of meditation on the Divine Feminine.

10 Reasons Why Gandhi Is My Hero
Mahatma Gandhi — India's visionary of the 20th century who desired to give of himself completely in service of others — still shines like beacon of light. Here are 10 reasons why his legacy animates and inspires us.

Hindu Gods
Priya Hemenway has spent more than 20 years in the East and shares with us how the Hindu Gods bestow meaning and vibrancy to everyday life. Here's an excerpt on their revealing stories, which reflect our longing to reunite with God. You can also explore quotes on life as a constant process of lessons to learn, worship as an integral part of life, and losing yourself in the love of God.

Music: The Essential Ravi Shankar
In The Essential Ravi Shankar, the three-time Grammy winner and renowned sitar player brings us a deeply spiritual experience demonstrating the global dimensions of his artistry. Shankar had a large influence on rock star David Crosby and on George Harrison of the Beatles, whose sitar ballads include "Tomorrow Never Knows," "Within You Without You," and "The Inner Light."

Interfaith Advocates in Hinduism
Because Hinduism has a breadth of understanding that readily embraces and respects other traditions, advocates of interfaith harmony in Hinduism abound. Some we revere most are the visionary who introduced Hinduism to the West, Swami Vivekananda, American spiritual pioneer Ram Dass, and Benedictine monk and yogi Bede Griffiths; the latter's Essential Writings include his teachings at his Christian community in India that followed the customs of a Hindu ashram.

Awake: The Life of Yogananda
Paramahansa Yogananda spent 15 years in the United States speaking and setting up centers to convey fresh messages about energy, the body as a vehicle for God consciousness, and the spiritual significance of will power. This documentary film gathers an impressive array of interviews about his life from Kirtan master Krishna Das, George Harrison of the Beatles, author Deepak Chopra, Jesuit priest Francis Clooney, Sri Daya Mata, and others. It also explores his classic Autobiography of a Yogi.

Sacred Dance of India: Aspara Meera
This dance, choreographed and performed by Aspara Meera with music by Sheila Chandra and Sacred Stones, speaks volumes about the depth of Hindu devotion.