Ways of practicing Reverence include radical respect, awe, bowing, animal advocacy, recycling, environmental activism, and the specific practices below.

Acknowledging the Goodness Within One Another by Joyce Rupp suggests that we greet others with radical respect by using their name and a quality of goodness in them.

Adopt a Tree by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat motivates us to put our care for plants, trees, land or water into action.

All Different Kinds by Gershon Schwartz and Michael Katz gives a blessing to use when seeing what we perceive as ugliness.

All of Life by Arthur Green fosters awareness of sacred presence in every time and place.

Communicating with Awareness by Tara Brach proposes guidelines for speech that expresses reverence for life.

Environmental Stewardship by Habib Todd Boerger remarks about U.S. trash and provides suggestions for practicing reverence with waste.

Honoring Yourself and Others by Brenda Shoshanna instructs us to find ways to honor what is worthy in ourselves and others.

I Will Not Dishonor My Soul by Diane Ackerman states a vow to honor one’s soul by honoring all life.

Joyously Connecting by Jamal Rahman directs us to meditate on the presence of the sacred in every direction we turn.

Off to a Good Start by Habib Todd Boerger makes observations on recycling and how to take our efforts a step further.

Pick up Litter by Habib Todd Boerger provides motivation to clean up after ourselves and each other.

Raise Your Hand by Lama Surya Das explains a reverence practice of the great Indian sage Shantideva.

Reduce Your Footprint by Habib Todd Boerger provokes us to consider our part in pollution and to make the changes that reflect respect for others and the Creation.

Roadkill Redemption by Judy Carman relates a way to honor the body of the departed spirit of animals killed on the roads.

Sacred Space Within by Bernie S. Siegel encourages us to treat ourselves and our bodies as sacred places.

Seeing the Spark of the Divine by Greg Marcus offers a non-judgmental way to view others.

Speaking with Great Reverence by Yitzhak Buxbaum urges us talk with others as if they are the Holy One.

The Animals Are Not Our Property by Judy Carman voices a pledge to enact an ethic of respect and consideration for all animals.

Three Vows by Ezra Bayda offers daily sayings to accompany three reverential bows.

Water, Water – Everywhere? By Habib Todd Boerger presents ideas for strengthening our appreciation for water and for water-focused civic engagement.

More Spiritual Practices about Reverence