• Anger
    The spiritual life includes awareness of our emotions, including uncomfortable feelings like anger. While ‘righteous’ anger can motivate us to defend justice, anger has the potential to be destructive. Find help for working with your own anger and the anger of others with practices, articles, books, excerpts, quotes and more. These resources will help you transform anger to add warmth and light to the world.
  • Consumerism
    Take a look at how society encourages us to buy more and more, and enjoy simple antidotes that reinforce generosity, gratitude, service to others, and a joy that is based in being, not having. These spiritual practices, blog posts, books, films, prayers, quotes, teaching stories, and more help you understand the dimension of the problem and find ways that you can address it both personally and in consort with friends, family, colleagues, and community members who share your concerns.
  • Enemies
    Look at the nature of animosity and what we can do from our end to replace it with kindness, hospitality, openness, and compassion. These spiritual practices, articles, blogs, book excerpts and recommendations, film reviews, poems, prayers, quotes, teachings stories and more offer an abundance of methods to face and heal internal and external conflicts.
  • Guns
    Extend your awareness of our interdependence with those who have experienced violence in which guns play a part and expand your peacemaking efforts on all our behalf. These spiritual practices, articles, blogs, books and excerpts, film reviews, poetry, teaching stories, rituals, prayers, and quotes provide a multifaceted look at the issues of gun violence and gun control.
  • Racism
    Gain a deeper understanding of racism in our world and develop empathy and compassion for its victims. These books, books excerpts, quotes, blog posts, personal explorations, and more provide antidotes to the fears and resentments at the root of racism through the spiritual practices of Compassion, Connections, Hope, Hospitality, Imagination, Justice, Kindness, Listening, Love, Meaning, Openness, Peace, Reverence, Shadow, Transformation, Unity, and X – The Mystery.