Ways of practicing Shadow include shadow and wholeness work, identifying and taking back projections, embracing obstacles and failures, giving up addictions, and the specific practices below.

Battling Demons by Stephanie Ericsson recommends that we face our demons head on.

Being Present to a Locus of Violence by James Conlon outlines a healing ritual for a place where violence has occurred.

Both Sides by Stephen Cope urges us to accept the polarities in our lives.

Define Your Biggest Fears by Lama Surya Das prompts us to experience greater harmony through facing and transforming our fears.

Get Rid of Negative Energy by Susannah Seton and Sondra Kornblat gives us tips for dispelling the energy of a difficult day or encounter.

Habitual Reactions by Bradford Keeney teaches us to use sounds and gestures to increase our awareness of reactive behavior.

Just Say “No” by Franz Metcalf urges us to place limits on toxic relationships.

Little Renunciations by Lama Surya Das encourages us to renounce self-defeating habits.

Observing People Who Dislike You by Peter Rhodes advises us to discover how our dislikes are mirrors.

Our Shabbiest Inner Characters by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat provides counsel on befriending our flaws.

Recognize the Intention Behind Anger by Habib Todd Boerger calls for conscious awareness in response to our feelings of anger.

Returning Home After Work by Michael Strassfeld gives us a way to leave our workday stresses behind and reconnect with all that we treasure.

Suffering as Optional by Jean Smith encourages us to opt-out of optional suffering and to face unavoidable painful experiences with mindfulness.

The Siren & The Self by Connie Zweig and Steve Wolf wants us to confront the shadow characters in our psyche and become familiar with their voices.

What Have You Lost? by Mary C. Earle suggests a specific prayer practice for losses associated with illness.

What Is This Fear? by Allan Lokos heightens our awareness that feelings not grounded in love are often grounded in fear.

Your Advice by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat shares an idea about greater self-understanding through listening to your own advice.

More Spiritual Practices on Shadow