The Basic Practice

Each of us is a work-in-progress. The spiritual practice of you challenges us to become all we are meant to be as God's beloved sons and daughters. We are, after all, co-creators of the Great Work of the universe. By attuning ourselves to what in different traditions has been called the image of God, the everlasting soul, or the higher self, we are able to fulfill our mission in life.

All the world's religions refer to the civil war that rages inside us when self-absorption meets self-regard and selfishness clashes with selflessness. The spiritual life requires that we think enough of ourselves to believe we can serve others without putting ourselves above them. It's sometimes a tricky balance to maintain.

Begin with what is right in front of you. Have both pride and humility. Be assertive and yielding. You are much more and much less than you probably think you are. Relax. This, the Creator reminds us, is good.

Why This Practice May Be For You

Oftentimes, we are our own worst enemies. We commit acts of sabotage by doubting our own competence. Because of self-loathing, we close off avenues that could lead to personal growth. Due to feelings of inferiority, we put ourselves down, and because of grandiosity, others. Aiming for perfection, we are not satisfied with anything we do. None of these approaches are part of the spiritual practice of you which banishes "Woe is me" and "I am the master of the universe" mood swings.

The ideal is to live with both our strengths and our weaknesses. The spiritual practice of you is the prescription to help you find and express your authentic self.

Daily Cue, Reminder, Vow, Blessing

  • Looking in the mirror is my cue to practice you and cherish all parts of myself.
  • When I see someone excel at something, I am reminded that I am called to fulfill my destiny.
  • Whenever I start to sabotage myself with self-deprecation, I vow to lift up my spirit with the spiritual practice of you.
  • Blessed is the Sacred Parent who rejoices when we become all we are meant to be.