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Listening to the Other A call to reflect on the Quranic directive to listen, and to put it in action with those who are different from you.
Letting Go of Attachments Inspiration for releasing beliefs and attachments that do not serve us.
Searching for Your True Identity Creating your own affirmation to cultivate your ideals.
Loving One Another A Christian meditation on unconditional and all-inclusive love.
Blessing the Other Suggestions for celebrating diversity through blessing.
Opening Your Eyes to Social Injustice A Christian spiritual practice for developing a sense of social justice.
Listening From the Heart Suggestions for listening deeply to yourself and others.
True Listening A call to express feelings and listen in an inner or outer circle of love.
Keep a Sense of Humor A call to sacred laughter and a reminder that you are the beloved of the Beloved.
Beautiful Conduct A contemplation on kindness for oneself and others and a call for serving both.