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The Machine A low-budget sci-fi thriller with worthwhile questions about the relationship between human beings and super-intelligent robots.
What We Think after 2017 In its December 22 - December 29, 2017 print issue, The Week sums up the odd mixture of trends, events, and cultural phenomena of the last year as seen through a potpourri of polls. Here are some of…
The Ritualized Life Catholic Wisdom The rosary is a bodily prayer, a prayer of touch. Our hands touch God when our fingers touch the beads. — Christine Lore Weber in Praying the Body and Soul by Jane Vennard
I'm Your Man A spunky sci-fi dramedy that asks some good questions about what humans want in relationships and if AI beings should have rights.
The Future of Robot Caregivers Large numbers of people are entering the stage of life where they need the services of caregivers to meet their physical and emotional needs, and there are just not enough of these skilled professio…
Ten Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World An inventive and cogent examination of what changes will come after or can result from the pandemic.
Spare Parts The adventures of four Mexican high school students working together for a robot competition.
Reclaiming Conversation Reflections on whether the same technology that has created emotional distance between people can be used to fix such problems as the empathy gap.
Chappie A techno thriller about the life of a sentient robot on the mean streets of Johannesburg.
Robots Are Taking Over We are entering a brave new era as robots are getting very good at handling a wide range of tasks that have historically been the domain of paid workers. Some experts have figured out that half of c…