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Brother Bear
Eschews the competitive and self-centered values of popular culture and proclaims the grooming of one's spirit with love and caretaking.
Wallace and Gromit
Three spiffy short films from the creators of Chicken Run.
The Iron Giant
An anti-guns parable about a giant robot and the boy who protects him.
Champagne and The Talking Eggs
Two short animated films about urban African-American youth whose lives are rejuvenated by hope and the power of positive thinking.
The Prince of Egypt
A disappointing and uninspiring animated feature.
A Bug's Life
A frolicsome and funny family film about the virtues of individuality and imagination.
The American myth of individualism as an antidote to conformity comes across loud and clear: freedom is everything here.
Pippi Longstocking
An unbridled paean to joy.
A spiffy, fast-paced animated film with a few inventive takes on the nature of heroism.
James and the Giant Peach
A marvelously inventive fairy tale based on Ronald Dahl's 1961 children's book.