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Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth
A wonder-filled animated film about the enchantments of the natural world seen through the eyes of a young boy.
Boy and the World
A colorful and out-of-the-box animated feature from Brazil that charts the quest of a boy to find his father.
The Good Dinosaur
A charming story of a dinosaur with a good heart who learns the meaning of courage on his way home after many adventures.
Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet
A visually impressive animated film presenting eight profound and poetic wisdom teachings.
A charming fairy tale about a goldfish who becomes a girl and a little boy who loves her and introduces her with pride to his world of wonders.
Madagascar Escape 2 Africa
An animated comedy about Alex the lion and his three buddies that is a total lark.
Chicken Little
A snappy and inventive computer animated film whose clever storyline has something for everyone
Tim Burton's Corpse Bride
A bittersweet fairy tale set at death's door that salutes the liberating power of true love.
Howl's Moving Castle
A rousing treatment of caretaking, aging, anti-war sentiments, and the bounties of the heart.
Millennium Actress
An enchanting Japanese animated film about a woman whose life is propelled by the yearning of her heart for a mysterious stranger.