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Transforming Communities
An inspiring vision of how people are affecting community reform and renewal.
Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor
A Christian vision of men and women called to be guardian angels of the earth and sons and daughters of the rainbow.
Spiritual Politics
Ageless wisdom to do spiritual readings of international and national events.
The Real State of The Union
Addresses issues not being dealt with adequately during an election year.
The Good News According to Luke
Emphasizes the early church's story of its experience with God.
Path Without Destination
A truly visionary spiritual work.
A novel set in the Nixon era of politics illustrating that people exist to do acts of kindness.
Choosing Mercy
A morally stimulating book opposing capital punishment.
The Compassionate Community
An on-target volume dealing with four intractable social problems.
Beyond Love
Offers an illuminating account of the heroes and villains in the global struggle against the death and destruction engendered by the AIDS epidemic.