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Transforming Communities
An inspiring vision of how people are affecting community reform and renewal.
In America
The full screenplay with commentary by director Jim Sheridan and his daughters Noami and Kirsten.
Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor
A Christian vision of men and women called to be guardian angels of the earth and sons and daughters of the rainbow.
A riveting account of a middle-aged woman's experience with this chronic condition.
Wrestling with the Prophets
15 essays on the sources of renewal for Christianity.
Dorothy Day
Draws together excerpts from her books, articles, and columns.
Reclaiming Spirituality
A celebration of the spiritual renaissance of our time as an alternative to religious fanaticism and indifference.
The Real State of The Union
Addresses issues not being dealt with adequately during an election year.
The Good News According to Luke
Emphasizes the early church's story of its experience with God.
Choosing Mercy
A morally stimulating book opposing capital punishment.