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Morning Sun on a White Piano Spells out the Christian meanings of a wholehearted life of body, mind, and soul.
The Underground Church A bold and fearless map of the underground church of the future that goes beyond conservative and liberal Christianity.
Spiritual Defiance A challenge to Christians to wake up, let go of rigid beliefs, and stop capitulating to the values of the dominant culture.
Saving Jesus from the Church Calls for a radical change in churches by putting the faithful on the path of Jesus and seeing Christianity as compassion, not condemnation.
American Heretics: The Politics of the Gospel An educational and intriguing exploration of progressive Christians attempting to reclaim the radical potential of their faith.
The Virtue in the Vice Examines these as pathways to ethical action and a more balanced life in troubled times.
Cultivating Contentment Spiritual wisdom and practices on being content with who you are and where you are in your life.
Love: Spiritual Practices
The Aviator Charts three decades in the life of Howard Hughes, a forerunner of today's successful businessmen who love power, money, and the chance to do whatever they want.
Learning to Be Content How to practice contentment: Want what you have. Don't make comparisons. Accept your imperfections.