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John Sayles in Messengers of Love, Light & Grace I run into people all the time
Go For Sisters John Sayles drama about three marginal Americans who cross the border into Mexico to find a kidnapped African-American man.
Amigo A portrait of American imperialism set in an occupied village during the 1900 Philippine-American War.
Honeydripper Life in a black Alabama community in the 1950s and the frantic efforts of a juke joint manager to keep his club open.
Silver City A profound film probing the warps of contemporary politics, the equation of big business with democracy, the wanton desecration of the environment, and the abuse of illegal immigrants.
Casa de los Babys A fine example of writer and director John Sayles's sensitive exploration of cross-cultural tensions and misunderstandings.
Sunshine State A thought-provoking portrait of two women trying to refocus their lives.
Limbo Another challenging movie by John Sayles about the complexity of the soul and the mystery of fate.
Men With Guns This provocative film challenges us to leave behind the cocoon of our cosseted lives and confront those meanings that hold the key to life and death.
Lone Star A capacious drama about political, racial, and familial tensions and the changes sparked by memories in a southwest border community.