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A Man Without a Country Wry humor and incisive cultural criticism show the shadow side of America.
A Man Without a Country Vintage Vonnegut filled with wry humor, playfulness, incisive cultural criticism, savage political satire, and spiritual gems.
Breakfast of Champions or Goodbye Blue Monday! A novel that presents the kind of gallows humor that is a brave man's way of blessing you.
Intuition is our link Intuition is our link
Palm Sunday Vonnegut up-close and personal in essays, reviews, speeches, forwards, commencement addresses, introductions, and articles.
Wampeters, Foma, & Granfalloons A collection of essays, reviews, speeches, and ditties that looks askance on the human adventure.
Jailbird Kurt Vonnegut's character Walter Starbuck on the the meaning of the Sermon on the Mount.
Jailbird A novel set in the Nixon era of politics illustrating that people exist to do acts of kindness.
Slapstick A novel in which the author faces death and trips out on the end of the world -- hi ho!
We are here on Earth to fart around We are here on Earth to fart around