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Rush A start-to-finish winner about two race car drivers who start out as enemies and find themselves in a place that neither of them could ever have imagined.
Far and Away An old-fashioned film carried into our hearts with breathtaking scenery, a swelling soundtrack, and large-scale dramatic happenings.
Angels and Demons A thinking person's thriller with fascinating twists and turns, insights into Vatican politics, and questions about the relationship of religion and science.
Cinderella Man Speaks to the heart and models a working-class hero whose riches have nothing to do with money.
The Missing An engrossing cross-cultural drama about a father-daughter reunion under dire circumstances that test their mettle and their feelings for each other.
Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas Stars Jim Carrey in the holiday classic about the true spirit of Christmas.
Apollo 13 Vividly chronicles the most dramatic space flight in history.
The Da Vinci Code Thriller based on the theological novel by Dan Brown about the quest for the Holy Grail and conspiracies within the Catholic Church; it opens the door for many spiritual seekers to think afresh about …
Gung Ho Delivers plenty of laughs and cross-cultural insights in this drama about the contrast between American and Japanese attitudes toward work.
Cocoon A funny, tender, and touching sci-fi drama is a movie for all generations.