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The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar An adaptation of a Ronald Dahl story about changing your life and doing the impossible.
Asteroid City A play within a film about learning to see the world and all its surprises with wide-awake eyes.
Isle of Dogs An imaginative tribute to dogs with some social commentary on the side.
The Grand Budapest Hotel A madcap, inventive, and wonder-inducing creation about the arts of living from the inimitable writer and director Wes Anderson.
Moonrise Kingdom A wonder-inducing film from Wes Anderson about the authentic quest of two oddball teens who just want to be free.
Fantastic Mr. Fox A delightful adaptation of a Roald Dahl children's tale about a charming, smart and cunning fox and his quest to be true to his animal nature.
The Darjeeling Limited A spunky spiritual adventure story about three American brothers traveling through India, trying to connect with each other and come to terms with the past.
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou Director Wes Anderson's cinematic tributes to wacky individualists whose flaws and follies are both funny and touching.
The Royal Tenenbaums A quirky tale which revolves around a prankster father who wants to reconnect with his children and former wife.
Rushmore A quirky comedy about an egocentric young man who proves himself to be an eager student of life.