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Breath Prayer A book of recipe ingredients and directions for making life rich with everyday sacredness.
Conversations with the Sacred A prayer about having and being enough by Jennifer Kelleher.
Earth - Our Original Monastery A closing blessing by Christine Valters Paintner and Felicity Collins.
Conversations with God A powerful and deeply moving chronicle of the spiritual struggle with slavery and racism.
Prayers for a New Millennium An inspirational booklet of prayers that reflects a lifetime of Benedictine spirituality and devotion.
For Praying Out Loud A guide to drafting inclusive prayers with an abundance of examples from leading figures.
St. Francis of Assisi A poem or song given by St. Francis as encouragement to his friend Brother Leo.
Walter Rauschenbusch A prayer by Walter Rauschenbusch for immigrants.
Circle of Grace A blessing for Advent by Jan Richardson.
Secrets of Prayer Nancy Corcoran on the devotion of linking prayer and action in the world.