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Thou, Dear God The closing part of a prayer praising God's abilities.
Thou, Dear God A prayer for unity to God who can solve problems.
Thou, Dear God A prayer envisioning a global beloved community.
Building a Bridge A prayer for LGBT people and any others who feel excluded, rejected, marginalized, shamed, or persecuted, in any way or in any place, religious or otherwise.
Saint Francis of Assisi A prayer by Mirabai Starr drawing upon Saint Francis's finest character qualities.
Saint Teresa of Avila A prayer by Mirabai Starr invoking the help and teachings of St. Teresa of Avila.
Holy Spokes The Prayers of the People from a Blessing of the Bicycles Service
Sacred Journeys A litany by Heather McVoy praying for bridges, mending, and community.
James Martin A prayer for frustrated Catholics.
The Divine Dance Reminders and a prayer for being here now.