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Boys State A documentary about white boys playing politics and trashing the values of citizenship.
The Armor of Light A conscience stirring documentary about two Christians and their crusade for gun control.
Happening An urgent tale of a search for an illegal abortion and a little compassion in an alienating environment.
Stuck A parabolic musical about what needs to happen to achieve the ancient dream of unity and respect for all people.
Abortion: Stories Women Tell A documentary that honors the ethical complexities of the abortion issue through its presentation of the personal stories of women.
Grandma A character-driven comedy about a transition point in an elder's life where she is forced to look at all her relationships.
Never Rarely Sometimes Always A deeply touching film that illustrates the healing power of empathy.
After Tiller A sensitive and intelligent documentary about the compassion and heroism of four doctors.
What the Constitution Means to Me Film of a live Broadway production of a play about how the personal becomes political.
One Child Nation A deeply personal journey through a nation’s shadowy population control policy.