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Directors' Statement on Jesus Camp The film directors' commentary on two parallel Americas.
The Kindergarten Teacher A character-driven drama about a schoolteacher who yearns to nurture the poetic brilliance of a student.
Dilili In Paris A French animated film about justice for women.
Daughters of Dolma Visits to two Tibetan Buddhist nunneries where girls and women blend tradition with large dollops of the media and the secular world.
At Berkeley An impressive and wide-ranging documentary by Frederick Wiseman looking at the daily happenings at a major American university.
Journey from Zanskar An extraordinary documentary about two Tibetan Buddhist monks who want to enrich the lives of 17 impoverished children from their region.
Across the Universe A phantasmagoric musical trip through the 1960s with the melodic music of the Beatles and a strident salute to love, liberation, and creative expression.
Africa's Great Civilizations A six-part series tracing the very long history of humans in Africa.
Saving Mes Aynak An Afghan archaeologist's passionate attempts to defend one of this century's most significant discoveries of a sacred site.
Silent Souls A somber but creative Russian drama about death, sex, friendship, and the lingering effects of an ancient pagan culture.