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Directors' Statement on Jesus Camp The film directors' commentary on two parallel Americas.
The Kindergarten Teacher A character-driven drama about a schoolteacher who yearns to nurture the poetic brilliance of a student.
Journey from Zanskar An extraordinary documentary about two Tibetan Buddhist monks who want to enrich the lives of 17 impoverished children from their region.
Across the Universe A phantasmagoric musical trip through the 1960s with the melodic music of the Beatles and a strident salute to love, liberation, and creative expression.
Dilili In Paris A French animated film about justice for women.
At Berkeley An impressive and wide-ranging documentary by Frederick Wiseman looking at the daily happenings at a major American university.
Daughters of Dolma Visits to two Tibetan Buddhist nunneries where girls and women blend tradition with large dollops of the media and the secular world.
Silent Souls A somber but creative Russian drama about death, sex, friendship, and the lingering effects of an ancient pagan culture.
Africa's Great Civilizations A six-part series tracing the very long history of humans in Africa.
Jia Zhangke, A Guy from Fenyang A thought-provoking documentary on the gifted Chinese director and his films.