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Films about Journalists A collection of films that reveal the challenges, the benefits, and the importance of a journalism career.
This is the biggest story This is the biggest story
A Sense of Wonder Pico Iyer on how spiritual retreat houses offer solace.
Page One: Inside the New York Times A sophisticated look at The New York Times as it struggles to survive in a new media milieu of intense competition.
The Front Runner An account of Gary Hart's short Presidential campaign in the year that politics went tabloid.
Control Room A riveting documentary that gives a behind-the-scenes look at the Middle Eastern news agency Al Jazeera's coverage of the second Iraq war.
Anniversary of the Premiere of Letter from America (PDP) Learning from the remarkable legacy of cultural commentator Alistair Cooke.
Birthday of Edward R. Murrow (PDP) Remembering the television journalist who set a high bar for integrity and fearlessness.
Mike Wallace Is Here A rousing documentary about the career of a controversial journalist.
Gabo: The Creation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez A masterful documentary on the life and work of the most popular literary figure in Latin America.