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Unknown A mildy engaging identity loss thriller set in Berlin
Lila, Lila A charming German romantic comedy about the adoration of writers and the perks of literary stardom.
Shattered Glass A highly charged moral drama about the lies and fabrications of an ambitious young staff writer for the New Republic.
Rango A wonderful and immensely creative animated film about a loser who arises to the challenges faced in a town without water.
The Good German A murder mystery, a love story, and a glimpse of the beginning of conflict between the United States and Russia following the defeat of Germany in World War II.
Smashed An authentic and absorbing portrait of a young married woman who is an alcoholic in recovery.
The Girl on the Train A complex and well-acted French film about lying and other deceptions that bring dark clouds and bad weather into the lives of the characters.
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy A top-drawer espionage thriller starring Alec Guinness in an award-winning role as a British spy given a morally challenging assignment.
Yesterday An imaginative movie about the magic of the Beatles' music.
American Hustle Another vibrant film directed by David O. Russell that is bursting with colorful characters, funny scenes, and standout performances.