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The Front Runner An account of Gary Hart's short Presidential campaign in the year that politics went tabloid.
A Good American A hard-hitting documentary about the misuse of power by the National Security Agency.
Code Black A sobering and idealistic call for more emergency room "mercy medicine" as an alternative to treating only paying patients.
Nothing Personal A rich and rewarding exploration of the luxury of solitude in the lives of two strangers who both love being alone.
Circumstance An engrossing Iranian film about the familial clash of values of a sister seeking freedom and pleasure and a brother who is zealot for Islamic fundamentalism.
Smash His Camera A robust and snappy documentary about Ron Galella, the controversial photographer of America's superstars and celebrities.
A Scanner Darkly A well-realized dystopian sci-fi drama about addiction and paranoia.
Equity Glimpses of ethical disarray on Wall Street through the experiences of three women.
Dekalog: Six A radical critique of those who refuse to respect the mysterious, wondrous, and life-enhancing enchantments of sexuality.
Red Road A gritty urban drama set in Glasgow that covers surveillance, urban loneliness, grief, and empathy.