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Forged in the Fiery Furnace Diana L. Hayes on why African American spirituality persists in many forms.
Christ in the Margins Edwina Gateley on the spiritual practice of reverence.
On the Threshold of Transformation Richard Rohr on the shadows infused into cultures.
Frederick Douglass A review of Frederick Douglass's legacy as a prophetic voice.
The New Community Perspectives from Paolo Freire, Bruno Bettelheim, and the prophet Isaiah on the value of community.
Peaceful Neighbor A profile of Fred Rogers as a Christian prophet and peacemaker.
The Time Is Now Joan Chittister on the work of prophets.
Rumi's World A delicious work of maturity brimming with insights into this spiritual master's astonishing imagery.
Faces of Muhammad A summary of surprising portrayals of Muhammad.
The Passionate Troubadour Edward Hays' fictional story of hospitality between St. Francis and a Sufi.