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True Grit An entertaining and feisty Western propelled by an incredibly fetching performance by Hailee Steinfled as a wise teenager with indomitable will-power.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine A successful mix of action sequences and exploration of the emotional conflicts of the mutant hero, plus pop culture references.
The Woman Who Left An intense morality tale about the resilience of a good-hearted woman.
Tower Heist A caper comedy which will appeal to all those who want to see a Wall Street wheeler dealer get what he deserves.
East of Eden A TV miniseries of John Steinbeck's epic saga about fathers and sons, the search for love, and the restoring power of forgiveness.
The Conspirator A poignant and ethically-charged courtroom drama about yet another overlooked and forgotten abomination from America's past.
Five Minutes of Heaven An emotionally gripping drama about two men given a chance to reconcile with each other after many years of inner torment and anger.
The Page Turner An elegantly constructed and acted French film about revenge and what is lost in the act of bringing others down.
The Irishman A drama with three great performances which almost rise above the retread of a screenplay.
In a Better World A poignant drama about the universal appeal of violence in our psyches and in cultures around the globe.