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Mystic Iran: The Unseen World Presents one woman's amazing spiritual encounters with Muslim believers, Zoroastrians, and Sufi dervishes in the hinterlands of this country once known as Persia.
The Road Home An impressive and deeply moving Chinese film about a daring and untraditional love affair in a small village in Northern China during the 1950s.
Naked in Ashes An edifying look at the lives and spiritual practices of 20 Hindu holy men in India who meditate, serve others, and take on austerities as part of their path.
The Exorcist An expanded DVD version of the classic tale about demonic possession and exorcism.
A Walk in the Clouds An engaging romantic fable about a young man who fulfils his destiny by falling in love with the woman of his dreams.
Dazed and Confused Shows the aimlessness and amorality of youth who don't have a clue to the rituals that could give their lives meaning.
Father of the Bride A comedy starring Steve Martin as an anxious father of the bride.
A Wedding Depicts the strange way that this ritual has been taken away from families and put into the hands of professionals.
Wheel of Time An extraordinary documentary by German filmmaker Werner Herzog on a Buddhist ritual, held in Bodh Gaya, India, and Graz, Austria, in 2002 that attracted thousands of pilgrims.
First Knight A spectacular entertainment with a king-sized serving of romance and ritual.