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A-X-L Intriguing sci-fi thriller that explores what can happen when robots become smarter than humans.
Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World A bold and multidimensional documentary about the glories and the drawbacks of the Internet.
Ex Machina An intriguing four-character sci-fi drama about explorers of artificial intelligence.
Big Hero 6 A lively and creative animated film about a robot with heart, empathy, compassion, and gentleness.
The Machine A low-budget sci-fi thriller with worthwhile questions about the relationship between human beings and super-intelligent robots.
I'm Your Man A spunky sci-fi dramedy that asks some good questions about what humans want in relationships and if AI beings should have rights.
Spare Parts The adventures of four Mexican high school students working together for a robot competition.
Good Night Oppy A remarkably touching documentary about twin robots exploring Mars who became like family to people on Earth.
Chappie A techno thriller about the life of a sentient robot on the mean streets of Johannesburg.
Finch An unusual road movie full of life lessons for an engineer, a dog, and a robot.