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Bad Words A dark comedy about the toxic speech of an angry, nasty, and self-destructive man.
The King's Speech An enthralling and heart-stirring biodrama about an unusual friendship that transforms the life and soul of King George VI of England.
Best of Enemies A documentary about the exchanges that started the trend of shouting matches passing themselves off as political talk.
Rocket Science One of the year's most endearing coming-of-age stories.
Catfish A smart and savvy documentary about online relationships and the loneliness and yearning that draws people together in cyberspace.
Dekalog: Eight A drama exploring the impact our words and deeds have upon others.
The Insult A spiritual masterwork about the harm that can be done with cruel and dehumanizing words.
(Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies An insightful and entertaining documentary about the epidemic of lying and cheating afoot in the United States.
11/8/16 Thought-provoking documentary by 18 directors on the drama, the varied political talk of citizens, and the surprises of Election Day 2016.
The Hunt A chilling Danish drama about how an accusation of child sexual abuse can tear a community apart and shatter even the trust of long-standing friends.