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11/8/16 Thought-provoking documentary by 18 directors on the drama, the varied political talk of citizens, and the surprises of Election Day 2016.
September 11
Downton Abbey: Season 1 The characters and the changes they face in the first season of the popular television series.
Downton Abbey: Season 6 The final season of the popular series with more changes than ever in store for the characters.
Downton Abbey: Season 2 World War I, the Spanish flu, and more challenges as the characters in the popular series experience their various dark nights of the soul.
September 11 Eleven short films by world class directors which shed light on the mysteries, the madness, and the resonances of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.
Poldark A 29-episode romantic adventure saga that hits the mark and delivers all that it promises.
New York, I Love You Eleven short films exploring love, the ties that bind people together, and the manifold mysteries of human nature.
Downton Abbey: Season 3 Unwelcome surprises and unexpected developments in the third season of the British drama set in 1920.
Rio, I Love You Ten filmmakers probe the many different shades of love in the Brazilian city.