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Burden True story about a black Christian minister who practices love, forgiveness, and reconciliation by befriending a Ku Klux Klan member.
Beyond the Comma Key principles that are essential for a new paradigm of cross-cultural understanding.
Addicted to Hurry Kirk Byron Jones on the practice of savoring the present moment as an alternative to the idol of speed.
The Ledge A drama about the clash of faith between a zealous Christian fundamentalist and a non-believer with a zest for life.
Bethlehem Besieged Mitri Raheb on the importance of hope in the context of war as a lifeline and a way of gaining control over one's destiny.
Love and Courage A credo from Hugh Prather.
Creating a Life with God Daniel Wolpert's experience in India that enabled him to appreciate the miracle of grace.
Against the Hounds of Hell A treasury of stories and information about one of the great Black spiritual leaders and theologians of the 20th century.
The Third Reconstruction A compelling exploration of the need for collective moral action for social justice.
Forward Together A call to find faith and spirituality in the fight for justice.