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Burden True story about a black Christian minister who practices love, forgiveness, and reconciliation by befriending a Ku Klux Klan member.
The Ledge A drama about the clash of faith between a zealous Christian fundamentalist and a non-believer with a zest for life.
King in the Wilderness An extraordinary documentary on the last 18 months of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s selfless and harrowing spiritual journey.
Red Hook Summer A thought-provoking drama from Spike Lee about coming-of-age, fundamentalist Christianity, African-American discontent, and the unforgivable sin.
Mister Rogers & Me An uplifting documentary in praise of the work and legacy of Fred Rogers.
Footloose A lively and rambunctious remake of the 1984 classic about a rebel with a cause who loves to dance.
Lars and the Real Girl A surprising and touching film about the love, kindness, and hospitality of a Christian community for a lost and lonely soul.
Sweet Land A tender and touching film about the blooming of love, the poignant tug of place, and the challenges of openness in a rural Midwest community in the 1920s.
Amazing Grace An inspiring drama directed by Michael Apted about a zealous abolitionist in eighteenth century England who models for us a moral heroism.
Buechner A 2003 interview with Protestant minister and prolific writer Frederick Buechner about things that matter to him -- listening to God, faith, grace, laughter, and paying attention.