Terry Tempest Williams is one of S&P's Living Spiritual Teachers who has for years been active in various efforts to save the environment. At the same time, she has written beautiful spiritual books filled with reverence for the natural world and overflowing with wonder.

In an interview with Devon Fredericksen in Guernica republished by Yes Magazine, Williams discusses matters close to her heart including the need for women to speak out, to transform anger into prophetic and sacred rage, and to make use of the precious spiritual practice of silence. She also discusses the importance of bearing witness, the challenges of working with hundreds of other environmentally minded people, and doing all we can to bring to birth a new world where beauty is "not optional, but a strategy for survival."

Beauty is so much more than right proportion or awesome bone structure or exquisite nude bodies. Williams writes: "Finding beauty in a broken world is acknowledging that beauty leads us to our deepest and highest selves. It inspires us. We have an innate desire for grace."

Read Fredericksen's interview with Terry Tempest Williams and it will lift your spirits!

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