"You are not just the sum of your success, subtracted by your failures. Your worth is not just an equation of how much you can offer to the world. Your value does not just come from what you give, say, or do; there is more to you than just output. The sun doesn't have to run laps around the horizon, the days do not have to pass to purchase your worth, you are not worth it in some future plane. You are not worthy only in the innocence of your past because it is not what you have done or do that makes you worthy. Your worth does not come just by your doing, it comes through the perfect God who created you.

"Stop calculating your worth with finite numbers when you were created by an infinite God who brought you to life with an everlasting spirit of light. Stop dividing who you are by the denominator of other people's opinions. Remember, infinity divided by any number is still infinite. Remember forever cannot be reduced no matter how much you subtract. Remember you are not currency to fall and rise in value.

"You do not own yourself to dictate what price you are worthy of being sold. Stop pricing God's merchandise."

"Like a flawless emerald would not require a beautiful setting to dictate its worth, the value of your spirit is intrinsic because it belongs to God. You are not defined by the opinions of men, by mirrors or by compliments.

"Although your sins can veil your heart from fully witnessing God, nothing you do can change how God sees you. Your sins and scars can never remove God's presence from your heart, because regardless of who you are or who you have been, God's mercy will always encompass you. Your value is not defined by worldly labels, because although God created this world for you, He says, 'I created you for Myself" (20:41)

"Our work on Earth is not to become something different, but to awaken from the illusion that we are separate from what we seek. We already carry faith within us; our spirits are and always will be in communion with God. The human soul was not created to become perfect, but to be aware of its completion and its connection with a higher power.

"Enlightenment is when a wave realizes it is the ocean."
Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Master

"It is not only through our striving that we spiritually progress, but when we surrender everything that prevents us from seeing that beneath the dust of forgetfulness, we already are what we seek to become. We already are loved by God.

"You wander from room to room, hunting for the diamond necklace, that is already around your neck."