"This book unfurls in eight parts, their essences captured here in light brushstrokes.

A call, a welcoming, a place to ground
The foundation of Indigenous wisdom
And the wisdom of Earth's living systems
Interconnection, emergence, justice, regeneration

Strategy, participation, public good
Plying tools of legislation and litigation
How we hold the powerful to account
And (re)write the rules with all people in mind

Language and story, creativity and culture
Our means of making sense
To tell the truth — expand, flip, and rekindle it
Imagining, evolving, holding on to our humanity

Problems embedded in the contours
Of cities, transport, infrastructure, capitalism
Coastlines and landscapes where human-nature meet
Much to reconsider, read, invert, remake

Damn if this work isn't hard, our task towering
The fire of activism — on the front lines, in the belly
Standing for justice, for health, for the sacred
We don't have to do this alone

Awake, aware, attuned
Hearts break, souls shake with anxiety
Can't skip this struggling, mourning, raging, healing
A ferocious love for the planet we call home

Soul, food, water, sky — inseparable
The foundations of our aliveness
Collaborating with and supporting nature
Microbes, farmers, photosynthesis

Generations — growing, giving, gathering
Nurture community and transformation
For a future that holds us, all of us
This is the work of our lifetimes."