April is National Poetry Month and as fine a time as ever to salute and to savor sacred poetry. This year, we are delighted to have the opportunity once again to offer poems from youth voices as part of our ongoing collaboration with KidSpirit. We will present a new poem every day this month for your pleasure and spiritual enrichment. If you can't wait for each day's new poem, you can browse through our previous KidSpirit poetry collection, too. Enjoy!

April 1: Ode to the Oaks by Camille Rutter
April 2: Narcissus by Will Hodgkinson
April 3: From by Taylor-Marie Freeman
April 4: No Limit by Rand Ang Siong Lin
April 5: Woman on the Rug by Zeeshan Hassan-Andoh
April 6: Sour Fades by Lola Stoffels-Sack
April 7: Simplicity by Mehrbano Asim
April 8: Mind by Elijah Olson
April 9: Complex Roots by Heer Cheema
April 10: Letter to a Tree by Peiyao Yu
April 11: Under the Stars by Lila Hazan
April 12: Not the Perfect Picture by Madeleine Kiefer
April 13: Glass Street by Eliza Moore
April 14: Paper Plane Pilots by Lasya Panchagnula
April 15: Fresh Mangoes by Yani Li
April 16: Remember: Regarding the Holocaust Museum by Hannah Grove
April 17: Happiness by Andrew Glinski
April 18: Creek of My Thoughts by Abigail Kestle
April 19: Closer by Eliza Moore
April 20: Where True Heroes Belong by Athena Lehnert De Smet
April 21: Don't Stop by Jocelyn Ruffner
April 22: Church by Nyah Williams
April 23: How to Fly by Laila Brewer
April 24: The Story of Life by Nargis Mathur
April 25: Society by Keesha Joseph
April 26: Unidirectional Flow by Zeeshan Hassan-Andoh
April 27: The Largest Traveler by Maya and Sofia Mesh
April 28: Rainfall by Lyla Cheary
April 29:
April 30: