Thomas Moore is known for his consistently thought-provoking explorations of soul in all its shades and textures; his classic Care of the Soul and the books that have followed demonstrate his ability to reinvigorate and inhabit old concepts. He is also a master of everyday spirituality, a lifestyle nurtured during the 12 years he spent as a monk in a Catholic religious order before he became a psychotherapist. He has long been a student of the wisdom to be gleaned from different religious traditions, describing himself as a "Zen Catholic whose spirituality is so baked into life that it is nearly invisible."

All these threads of his experience come together in this program, which was originally offered during Lent in 2011 and is formatted to run from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday.

After years of incubation and meditation, Moore has uncorked what he calls a "spirituality of the Gospels" based upon his reading of the four New Testament Gospels in Greek. "This is a spiritual vision in and about the world," he notes. "It's a spirituality that does not have to be tied to a particular tradition and is accessible to anyone — people lovingly involved in the Christian tradition, lovingly involved in another tradition, not interested in religion, or somewhere in the gray areas of this spectrum."

Using his fertile imagination, drawing upon his own translations of the Gospels, Moore offers fresh interpretations to deepen and enliven anyone's spiritual life. Calling the texts "intelligent, challenging, and incredibly inspiring," Moore encourages us to take to heart the distinctive imagery of the Gospels and the many insights to be found there about the central themes of the human adventure. He explores how Jesus gives us a rounded and ripe sense of the kingdom of God; challenges our long-accepted ideas about purity, wealth, and power; and gives us parables that turn things upside down. Sayings by and stories about Jesus model a path of love, empathy, sharing, self-possession, sensuality, and treating all people well.

This unique program is designed to deepen your devotional life, draw you closer to all your neighbors, and enable you to reframe the special ways in which the Gospel Jesus weds the spiritual and the earthly. The e-course consists of these elements:

• 40 emails with a Gospel passage, a commentary on it by Thomas Moore, a practice to bring the teaching into your daily life, and a suggested creative project; 6 additional emails about other elements of the retreat.

• 4 short audios and 3 short video "classes" from Thomas Moore on key themes in the Gospels.

• Recordings of 2 live hour-long teleconferences with Thomas Moore in which he answers questions asked during the first offering of this course in March/April 2011).

(6 CEHs for Chaplains available.)

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