The Bad News Bears (1976)
A comedy/drama about the anxiety, vulnerability, and spunk of a delightful menagerie of misfits who like to play baseball but lack much talent.

Bull Durham (1988)
A high-caliber film about baseball, sexual politics, and letting go of impossible dreams.

Eight Men Out (1988)
A look at gamblers who corrupt baseball and players who drag the game through the mud with their greed.

Field of Dreams (1989)
An engaging film that uses baseball as a launch pad for musings on human aspirations, righting old wrongs, and going the distance.

For the Love of the Game (1999)
A heart-affecting midlife drama about giving yourself so completely to your work that there's nothing left for those who love you.

42 (2013)
A workout for the emotions in the story of Jackie Robinson as a civil rights pioneer in the segregated sport of baseball in the 1940s.

Jackie Robinson (2016)
A documentary about the talented and courageous African-American who broke down the walls keeping blacks from playing Major League baseball.

Moneyball (2011)
A thinking person's sports flick about the impact of the maverick Oakland Athletics General Manager on the game of baseball.

The Natural (1984)
A mythic and mesmerizing movie about America’s national pastime and the heroism of a lonely individualist.

Pastime (1991)
A drama about a veteran relief pitcher who turns to mentoring a younger player as his way of saluting the sport he loves.

The Rookie (2002)
A soulful tribute to the spiritual firepower of yearning and the way a community supports the dreams of one of its gifted members.

Sugar (2009)
A combination sports story and immigrant account that reveals the wisdom of affirming our deep-seated need for community.

Trouble with the Curve (2012)
A well-acted and winning drama about a dysfunctional family, baseball scouting, and conscious aging.