• Babe: Pig in the City: A delightful follow-up to the phenomenally successful original movie about the animal who learned to herd sheep by practicing courtesy and empathy. Now Babe again comes across as a great exemplar of kindness, generous and self-sacrificing.
  • Saving Private Ryan: In war's desperate setting, kindness is not only a habit of the heart but a saving grace.
  • Grand Canyon: As six characters in Los Angeles interact and influence each other, new possibilities grow out of their acts of kindness.
  • Not One Less: A young schoolteacher in China goes on a mission of mercy and has to rely upon the kindness of strangers.
  • Tea with Mussolini: A band of colorful, independent and fiercely proud women teach a young Italian boy the virtues associated with kindness.
  • State and Main: An act of kindness enables a first-time screenplay writer to take an ethical stand.
  • The Borrowers: Some little people show us that courtesy not only keeps civilization humming but benefits all who practice it.
  • Bicentennial Man: "One is glad to be of service" is the mantra of an android whose 200-year quest is to achieve full humanity.
  • Gossip: A modern-day morality play dramatizes the unkind act of gossip and the ways it taints those who start it and those who pass it on.

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