Stories about acts of kindness help us expand the scope of our practice:

  • In The Diamond Cutter, Michael Roach tells a story about how some Tibetan farmers trained their minds to think kindly of others.
  • Dainin Katagiri in You Have to Say Something tells a story about a psychologist's healing act of kindness to a patient.
  • In Buddha of Infinite Light, D. T. Suzuki shares a story about a man's surprising kindness to a group of boys stealing fruit from his trees.
  • Marcy Heidish in Who Cares? writes about receiving a gift of kindness from a woman in a shelter.
  • In Essential Sufism, editors James Fadiman and Robert Frager present a story about being kind to an ant.
  • Michael Garrett in Walking on the Wind shares a Mayan teaching story about spiritual manners toward Mother Nature.
  • In Altars in the Street, Melody Ermachild Chavis recounts a story about an act of kindness that taught her the sacredness of her street.
  • In Once Upon A Time in Africa by Joseph G. Healey, Gerry Nolf tells the story of an elderly African catechist who practiced quiet service so when he died he was described as being "like a bar of soap."

More Teaching Stories/Scenes about Kindness