• A Blessed Life
    Find guidance on a path that is personally and communally fulfilling through the “perfections” or paramatis – ten guiding principles for creating a blessed life. In this 12-session e-course, explore each of these principles with Donald Altman, award-winning author, psychotherapist, and former monk.
  • Lovingkindness
    Learn from one of the world’s most esteemed teachers of Buddhist wisdom and practice – Sylvia Boorstein. In this 12-session e-course, practice a classic Buddhist practice that shows you how to be kind in expanding circles, starting with yourself.
  • Practicing Spirituality at Work
    Engage in the inner work necessary to make your outer work more meaningful. In this 40-part e-course, benefit from the wisdom of teachers like Matthew Fox, Lewis Richmond, Jeffrey Salkin, Frederick Buechner, Thomas Moore, Jose Hobday, Thomas Merton, David Whyte, Marsha Sinetar, Joan Chittister, and others.
  • Practicing Spirituality with His Holiness the Dalai Lama
    Study the religion of kindness with Nobel laureate and revered leader Tenzin Gyatso. In this 40-part e-course, we ponder Tibetan Buddhist wisdom on the art of happiness, the power of forgiveness, the path to tranquility, seeing enemies as teachers, living ethically, taming the mind, and much more.