Ways to practice Kindness include generosity, charity, adab, good manners, civility, doing no harm, right speech, encouraging others, avoiding ego attachments, the Native American Giveaway, and the specific practices below.

A Look in the Mirror by Charlotte Sophia Kasl relates the belief that kindness reflects a warm, open heart and plays an important role in our intimate relationships.

Be the First to Extend Greetings by Joseph Telushkin reminds us to have good manners toward those who perform services.

Being Gentle by Bradford Keeney helps us introduce gentleness into our consciousness.

Care Packages by Kristin Ritzau encourages faith communities to give care packages to local groups.

Custody of the Eyes, Ears, and Tongue by Norene Vest recounts the importance of following the monastic custom of ‘custody.’

Deliberate Selfishness by Darlene Cohen relates how she practiced selfishness to increase her generosity.

Doing Favors for Others by Yitzhak Buxbaum points us to the greatest thing in the world – loving and honoring our neighbors.

Finding Peace by Speaking Less by Joseph Goldstein offers a fresh look at kind speech and not gossiping.

Firm Acts Easy Heart by Philip Novak offers the wisdom of a Chinese proverb about being gentle and heartful with others.

Good Manners by Joseph Telushkin suggests ways to treat people with respect.

Hold Family Councils by Habib Todd Boerger provides Roberto Vargas’s ideas for promoting general welfare by caring for each other.

Kindness Offerings by Frederic & Mary Ann Brussat voices an appeal for more kind acts.

Livelihood by Jean Smith directs to use our chosen career to care for and benefit others.

Living a Complete Life by Bernie S. Siegel offers his advice on performing acts of kindness.

Loving-Kindness for the Body by Jan Chozen Bays advises us to attend to our bodies with kind attention.

Mouth Full by Dwight Currie advises keeping our mouths shut.

Return a Lost Object by Brenda Shoshanna tells us to serve others by making sure they have what belongs to them.

Secret Acts of Kindness by Joseph Telushkin espouses the merits of doing good deeds without recognition for doing so.

Serve Freely by Tom Cowan proposes that we share our skills without being paid.

Steer Clear of a Litany of Fault-finding by Joseph Telushkin urges us to acknowledge virtues in those we dislike.

The Eighth Commandment by Leonard Felder reminds us that it’s unkind and contrary to the Commandments to be rude to someone.

The Eminently Trainable Mind by Michael Roach explains a Buddhist way to train the mind to be kind.

The Three Gates of Right Speech by Eknath Easwaran presents three questions that help us discern whether our words are supportive, loving, and worthy to share.

Unhealthy Speech by Christopher Titmuss directs us to greater well-being through being polite and renouncing unhealthy speech.

Walking Softly on the Earth by Jamal Rahman recommends walking in nature with etiquette and sacred mindfulness.

More Spiritual Practices about Kindness