Ways to practice Kindness include generosity, charity, adab, good manners, civility, doing no harm, right speech, encouraging others, avoiding ego attachments, the Native American Giveaway, and the specific practices below.

  • Dwight Currie in How We Behave at the Feast advises not talking with your mouth full.
  • Darlene Cohen in Finding a Joyful Life in the Heart of Pain relates how she practiced selfishness to increase her generosity.
  • Leonard Felder in The Ten Challenges reminds us that it's unkind and contrary to the Commandments to be rude to someone.
  • Charlotte Sophia Kasl in If the Buddha Dated believes that kindness reflects a warm, open heart and plays an important role in our intimate relationships with people.
  • Norvene Vest in Desiring Life recounts the practice of keeping custody of the eyes, ears, and tongue.

More Spiritual Practices about Kindness