Humility seems elementary, even negligible, until we look at the abundance of things that it makes possible. It is a doorway to beauty, truth, and life's inexhaustible sweetness. It allows us to learn from everything and everybody. It brings about reconciliation; we cannot build community without it. As social media and the contemporary information deluge draw forth what Lama Marut calls an "unprecedented exaltation of the ego," humility helps us to let go of the stories we tell about ourselves and to reach out to others with loving concern.

The word "humility" comes from a root meaning from the humus — the earth. When we are humble, we are literally well grounded. That depth of experience abounds in this topic's pages, which range from book excerpts to prayers to quotes to teaching stories, and more. These resources provide a variety of ways to discover a lowly virtue that deserves to be held in high esteem.