• Acknowledgment of Each Other's Worth
    Megan McKenna presents a vivid story about reverence that comes from the Jewish tradition with a surprising interfaith twist, as a rabbi helps his friend the abbot rediscover the holiness within everyone.
  • A Christ-like Respect
    Brennan Manning offers us a vignette in which the author brushes off a woman peddling Variety newspapers on the street outside a theatre. Her reply -- "Jesus wouldn't have talked to Mary Magdalene like that" -- reveals how much suffering disrespect causes.
  • Courteous Reverence
    Bede Griffiths relays a tale about a girl graciously expressing her awe over the miracle of wildflowers.
  • Diamonds in the Rough
    Rabbi Bernie King tells the story of Rabbi Shlomo Carlbach speaking to members of Manhattan's Diamond Dealers Club. He was challenged by one of the attendees as to why he wasted so much time with lowlifes and crazies. Here's his reverent response.
  • Healing Power of Reverence
    Dainin Katagiri (1928-1990), the first abbot of the Minnesota Zen Center, presents his thoughts on applying Zen insights to our experiences and encounters. He tells the story of a young girl cured of a breakdown by a magnanimous psychologist, illustrating the power of gentleness.

  • Honoring Trees
    This interfaith tale about an unusual ordination invites us to a reverent response to nature.
  • Letting a Turtle Be
    In Waking Up to What You Do, Diane Rizzetto discusses the Buddhist precepts as spiritual teachers, prohibitions, and aspirations. Here she describes Robert Oppenheimer's change of heart towards non-interference.
  • Respect for Food
    A curious request by a young, saintly bridegroom reminds us that every bite we eat deserves the utmost grateful care.

  • Respectful Families
    An interviewer asked Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, "How can families cultivate respect?" Her answer reminds us that children watch even the subtle ways that we give consideration to others.
  • Reverence for the Body
    Scholar, writer and Rabbi Joseph Telushkin has assembled an impressive compendium of Jewish wisdom from ancient and modern sources. Here is an excerpt, a teaching story about taking care of ourselves.
  • Reverent Sympathy for Plants
    Four anecdotes from the Jewish tradition remind us to develop profound consideration for the feelings of plants.
  • The Sanctity of Life
    Alan Lew describes the scene of a car crash causing a traffic jam on the freeway. Reverence allows Lew to marvel at the Holy One's ability to create a drama that gives everyone passing the wreck reverent pause for thought.