Reverence for God

Shoeless Worship by Diana Eck deepens our awareness of the need for our external actions to match our internal reverence.

Kneeling in Prayer by Sharon Connors espouses the benefits of kneeling in prayer -- prayer with a sense of belonging, receptivity, power, release, and trust.

Give God Different Names by Bradford Keeney asserts that the route to a direct connection to the divine is through naming God in the things we love.

The Image of God by Yitzhak Buxbaum teaches us to love every person as made in the image of God.

See God in the Faces Around You by J. Brent Bill inspires openness to seeing the Divine in every person we meet.

Bowing to a Companion by Joan Chittister offers a way to embody the belief that God is in us and around us.

Contemplative Comprehension by Rami Shapiro instructs us in cultivating a spacious mind and seeing everything as a manifestation of God.

Holy One of Blessing by Lawrence Kushner reminds us that our everyday world contains wonders worth appreciating.

"Hands On" Prayer by Edward Hays introduces us to a phrase that awakens us to reality and brings holiness to our self-talk.

Prayer of Surrender by Jon M. Sweeney directs us to offer our deepest longings to God with words and gestures.

Reverence for Life

A Vital Bow by Lama Surya Das suggests a simple act to demonstrate our intention to cherish and respect all forms of life.

Stop Killing; Start Helping by Thich Nhat Hanh recommends reverence for all forms of life and awareness of all ways we can cause harm.

The Marvel of Attentive Action by Sandy Boucher touts the joy and wonder possible through being fully present in daily life.

Prayers for Everyday Activities by Jamal Rahman proposes that we imbue our daily activities with holy and loving intentions.

The Prayer of the Eyes by Edward Hays directs us to holy gazing -- looking with awe and wonder in anticipation of seeing and being seen by the Divine.

30-Day Practice for Change by Joan Chittister provides us a simple and profound method for enriching the beauty and human warmth in us.

Three Vows by Ezra Bayda presents mantras for practicing awareness, courage, and the presence of God.

Neighborhood Watch by Raphael Cushnir invites us to pause and engage our senses in seeing the wonder of life around us.

Bring Wonder to Your Routines by Bradford Keeney suggests introducing the elements of surprise and wonder into our ordinary routines to transform them into extraordinary ones.

Make Friends with Darkness by Arjuna Ardagh offers a way to dissolve fear, embrace mystery, and find healing in darkness.

Be Easily Awestruck by Alan Epstein recommends practicing wonder in a day of revelation for yourself and support for everyone around you.

A Moment of Awe by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe advises taking the time to fully experience awe at the immensity of life.

Experiences of Dread by Scott Russell Sanders recommends that we reflect on our experience of reverent fear, wonder, and awe.

Pleasure Planet by Timothy Miller advocates for using our imagination to get a glimpse of what complete contentment might be like.

Bless the Wisdom Bringers by Rachel Naomi Remen proposes that we celebrate all that has brought us wisdom.

Reverence for Self

Remember the Divine Image Inside by Joseph Telushkin instructs us to remember that God loves us and that the divine image is inside each of us.

Haloed from Head to Toe by Bradford Keeney gives us an ingenious idea for cultivating respect for ourselves and our bodies as holy.

Being Aware of Your Greatness by Rabbi Avraham Grodzinzki teaches that we are obligated to honor our own virtues and goodness.

Appreciating Ourselves by Tara Brach advises us to practice looking at ourselves through the eyes of someone who loves us.

Sacred Space Within by Bernie S. Siegel inspires us to honor the sacredness of our bodies and the holiness within each of us.

Honoring Yourself and Others by Brenda Shoshanna notes the importance of noticing and acknowledging what is worthy in ourselves and others.

Cultivating Connectedness by Ezra Bayda leads us through a meditation to heighten our sense of presence and connectedness.

Blessing of the Body by Joyce Rupp brings out the best of intentions and possibilities for our body parts.

Meditation on the Heart by Jane Vennard guides us to reverence and gratitude for the wonder of our bodies, hearts, and lives.

Water Your Positive Seeds by Thich Nhat Hanh directs us to make a commitment to nourish the praiseworthy attributes in ourselves and our loved ones.

Affirming the Body by Bruce G. Epperly and Lewis D. Solomon inspires us to holy embodiment with affirmations of Divine grace for our bodily activities.

Child Pose by Andrew Harvey and Karuna Erickson shepherds us through an embodied prayer of love and blessing for all creatures everywhere.

I Am More Than This! by Franz Metcalf describes a short and simple technique for honoring our experience in the moment and our deeper truth.

Finding Peace by Speaking Less by Joseph Goldstein shares a method of becoming less judgmental and feeling peace of mind.

Eating Mindfully by Pragito Dove directs us to be fully present while eating and drinking, and to enjoy the nourishment that comes from doing so.

Mindful Use by Ethan Nichtern brings together our daily consumption choices with consciousness of our interdependence.

Reverence for Others

Greeting Others with Namaste by Jack Kornfield proposes that we create the basis for sacred relationships by acknowledging the holiness in each other.

Acknowledging the Goodness Within One Another by Joyce Rupp shows us a path to creating bonds of care and nonjudgment with each other.

Every Knock Is a Cue by Donald Altman prompts us to respond to everyone we encounter as an embodiment of the divine.

Awesome Encounters by Stephen L. Carter recommends that we create our own way to make a habit of practicing the presence of God.

True Hospitality by Jamini Roy reminds us to treat all our guests as the holy Beloved.

Greet the Divine by Saint Augustine calls us to acknowledge the sacred jewel without our coworkers -- even if it seems buried.

See Only the Good by Joseph Telushkin gives us the practice of setting our intention to see only others' goodness.

Blessing amid Ugliness by Katz and Schwartz teaches us to temper our reaction to what we perceive as ugliness with a reminder that we are all created in the image of God.

Seeing the Secret Goodness by Jack Kornfield provides a way to increasingly see the goodness in others until we long to acknowledge and bless all whom we meet.

Experiences of Dread by Scott Russell Sanders encourages us to reflect on our experience of reverent fear, wonder, and awe.

The One Beside You Now by Brenda Shoshanna beckons us to being fully present with others just as they are.

Exquisite Respect by Eknath Easwaran opens us to the surprising possibilities that come from having faith in the goodness within each of us.

Bringing Your Attention Inward by Pragito Dove changes our focus from those we judge to what is going on inside of us.

Judge One Another Favorably by Brenda Shoshanna explains the Jewish commandment to search for the goodness in every person and situation.

Bless Strangers Secretly by Wayne Muller offers a simple way to secretly bless strangers.

This Joy Is Mine Also by Norman Fischer suggests that we nurture ourselves and others by imagining that others' success or benefit is also our own.

Nurture Others by Frederic Brussat leads us to a nurturing love for all forms of life.

Hugging Meditation by Thich Nhat Hanh describes a three-breath hugging meditation for happiness and gratitude.

Honoring Our Common Humanity by Tom Cowan urges us to make a heartful connection with someone who is homeless.

Be the First to Extend Greetings by Joseph Telushkin calls for cordiality and mutual respect for those who perform service work.

Good Manners by Joseph Telushkin ties good manners to our willingness to make sacrifices and treat others like they matter.

Being on Time by Joseph Telushkin directs us to treat each other's time like a valuable commodity.

Listen with All of You by Arjuna Ardagh advises that we always give our absolute attention when someone is speaking to us.

A Cheerful Countenance by Michael Strassfeld presents a refreshing perspective on what constitutes the most precious gifts in the world.

Speaking with Great Reverence by Yitzhak Buxbaum advocates for using our imagination so that we speak with others as if we are speaking with the Holy One.

Erasing Hurtful Speech by Frederic Brussat provides a simple vow to stop using harmful words.

Gentle Words by Matthew Flickstein nudges us toward greater consciousness of our words, gestures, and facial expressions.

Raise a Hand in Reverence by Lama Surya Das suggests that we use our hands to signal our reverence for other people and things.

Pray for Your Enemy by Barbara Cawthorne Crafton guides us to a path of healing and transformation.

Opening One's Heart to a Stranger by Joseph Goldstein explains a method for developing a heart with great warmth and caring for others.

Serving Others with Courtesy by Peter Reinhart motivates us to serve others and treat them with the highest courtesy.

Volunteering Your Time by Alan Epstein expresses the value and mutual benefit of helping others.

Phrases of Honor by Robert Frager points us toward increasing our politeness.

Pray for Widows and Orphans by Megan McKenna leads us to offer prayers and give of our time or resources for widows and orphans.

Honor Your Ancestors by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat recommends that we fill our daily activities with consideration of those who have gone before us and those who will come after us.

Visit the Graves of Loved Ones by Tom Cowan gives us direction for celebrating our deceased friends and family.

A Stone on the Grave by David J. Wolpe suggests a simple way to demonstrate our care for the soul of someone we wish to honor.

Reverence for Nature

Rejoice in Life by David Adam provides suggestions to increase our wonder at the creation and our enthusiasm for life for each day of the week.

Bow to the Dawn by Macrina Wiederkehr shifts our focus from taking to receiving each day.

Merge with the Elements by Sandra Ingerman deepens our connection to nature through meditation on the elements.

Saunter and Reconnect by Johnson and Ruhl slows us down so we can receive the blessings of nature.

Pause to Simply Breathe by Nguyen Anh-Huong works with our breath, encouraging us to be fully present and nourished by being outdoors.

Spend Time in a Flower Garden by Alan Epstein guides us in using our senses and imagination to fully take in the wonder of a garden.

Using a Flower as Prayer by Jose Hobday leads us to envision flowers as carring our prayers to God.

Contemplating the Stars by Pragito Dove instructs us to go outside to listen, see, and feel the universe around us before we go to sleep.

Reverence for Animals/Plants

Seeing God in All Creatures by Tom Cowan encourages us to offer a blessing whenever we see an animal, insect, or any creature we find disgusting.

Respect Even the Snails by Leonardo Boff suggests we follow the example of St. Francis in expressing reverence and affection for animals and plants.

Speaking on Behalf of All Life-forms by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat brings us the idea of speaking as if each of us is a different life-form with the concerns of that life-form.

Prayer from an Endangered Species by Bradford Keeney suggests that we imagine being and praying as if we are an endangered animal.

A New Ark by Brenda Peterson inspires exploration of how we can contribute to the safety and protection of animals in harm's way.

Roadkill Redemption by Judy Carman motivates us to offer a respectful ritual and blessing for the animals we encounter who have been killed by cars.

A Pet Vacation by Bradford Keeney introduces a way to fill your family life with laugher, play, and joy -- designing your pet's fantasy vacation.

Being Aware of Soul Food by Edward Hays raises our awareness of the souls of the creatures and plants we eat and prompts us to consider how we too might give of our souls to others.

Five Contemplations Before a Meal by Allan Lokos instructs us to recite contemplations before each meal to heighten our awareness of the gift of food.

Looking at Your Food by Zalman Schachter-Shalomi calls for us to be a conscious part of our food's fertilization to consumption process.

Touching Food with Deep Affinity by Franz Metcalf suggests bowing to our ingredients and touching them reverentially when preparing our meals.

Handle with Care by Jan Chozen Bays tells us to handle our food and drink with the affection and caring concern of a parent for a child.

Hold a Council for All Beings by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat brings us the idea of speaking as if each of us are a different life-form with the concerns of that life-form.

Reverence for Things

The Spirit in All Things by Shaun McNiff opens us to the presence of earth angels in our surroundings.

A Kiss for Everyday Objects by Salman Rushdie shares the practice of kissing objects we drop in apology and respect.

Warmth for Possessions by Simpkins and Alexander increases our awareness of long-used possessions.

A Nod of Respect by Philip Toshio Sudo starts us on the path to a life full of gratitude.

Respect for Old Shoes by Alan Morinis brings letting go together with gratitude and respect.

Waste Not by Philip Kapleau cultivates our respect and appreciation for all our resources.

Gratitude for a Bed by James Mirel expresses sincere gratitude for the comforts of bed and shelter.

Leave No Trace by Jan Chozen Bays encourages us to pay full attention to what we are doing in an everyday activity.

Regard for Machines by Brenda Dunne calls for naming, talking to, and caring for our machines.

Picking Up Trash on the Street by Ethan Nichtern inspires us to pick up trash when we go outside and to engage with how we feel when doing so.