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The Cunning Man A novel about an unorthodox physician known for his unsual diagnostic skills.
Paul A frolicsome comedy in which two Englishmen encounter a smart, witty, and gifted extraterrestrial on their pilgrimage to famous UFO sites in America.
Battle for Terra A sci-fi computer animated film about some nasty invaders and a resourceful teenage girl.
Little Joe Happiness is just a whiff away or is it?
Rotor DR1 A friendly drone in this sci-fi feature comes across as a modern-day equivalent of R2-D2 in the Star Wars sagas.
Prometheus A combo science-fiction horror film and quest drama exploring the origin of our species.
Ursula Le Guin, An Appreciation Writer Ursula Le Guin died on January 22, 2018; she was 88. She believed that the imagination is "the single most useful tool humankind possesses." She certainly proved that to be true, turning the …
The eyeball is filled with the scenes of pain The eyeball is filled with the scenes of pain
Looper A nifty time-travel thriller that hits the mark.
Edge of Tomorrow A complex sci-fi tale about war, warriors within, and resetting the day.