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Birthday Rules Suggestions for ways to celebrate birthdays.
Toasts A delightful and user-friendly resource.
Rediscovering Reverence Ralph Heintzman on the many different expressions of reverence
A Book of Uncommon Prayer Spunky, lyrical, and snappy informal prayers by one of the most imaginative souls in Christendom.
I Feel Five! Touching story about a little boy's disappointment that fifth birthday doesn't seem to bring any genuine change into his life.
This Day in June A children's book that salutes the enthusiasm and pride of members of the GLBT community as they march together in a parade.
Stuff Matters A spiffy celebration of stuff such as steel, concrete, and glass.
Family Celebrations Tim Myers' poem on transforming a new house into a home.
The Joy of Family Traditions Jennifer Trainer Thompson on commemorating a daughter's transition into womanhood.
Why Not Celebrate! Sara Wenger Shenk with four questions for a birthday person.