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Keziah Grindeland Biographical profile of a contributor to Spirituality & Practice.
A Troupe of Very Determined Ground Squirrels When I started gardening, I wasn't expecting to learn about resilience, hope, and how to fight for democracy. As a graduate student I spent the majority of my time behind a computer screen or with a…
Reallocating Resources in a Democracy A democracy is supposed to reflect the will of the people. When people vote, speak out at community meetings, or protest, they are responding not only to particular politicians and parties but to th…
Transgender Awareness Week and Day of Remembrance Honoring the transgender community while recognizing the high rates of violence they face.
How to Practice Democracy in Response to the News Suggestions for expanding awareness, staying calm, and seeking guidance when you take in distressing news.
How to Practice Democracy at a Family Dinner or Reunion Practices for handling this common situation when those of different opinions and worldviews are present.
How to Practice Democracy at a Local Meeting Suggestions for setting intentions, listening, relationship-building, and staying centered when you attend a neighborhood or town-council meeting.
The Third Reconstruction A compelling exploration of the need for collective moral action for social justice.
We Are Called to Be a Movement A rousing sermon about the need to join together.
Forward Together A call to find faith and spirituality in the fight for justice.