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Ricki and the Flash A dramedy about a rock musician seeking to reconcile with the family she left behind to follow her bliss.
A Master Builder A soul-stirring screen adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's brilliant play about pride, ruthlessness, erotic power, and loss.
Enzo Avitabile Music Life A compelling documentary by Jonathan Demme that makes an altar out of our ears.
Something Wild An offbeat comedy with an appreciation for the seductions and dangers of sexual thrill-seeking.
Rachel Getting Married A powerful family drama that reveals when forgiveness is hard, compassion is a healing balm.
Jimmy Carter Man from Plains An inspiring documentary about former President Jimmy Carter where he puts on display his political wisdom, his Christian faith-based service, and his emotional literacy.
Neil Young: Heart of Gold A rousing trip down memory lane by Neil Young in concert in Nashville.
The Manchurian Candidate Revives the paranoid thriller genre with an engrossing tale of politics, corporate power, and mind control.
Beloved Its spiritual messages, which are deep and true, redeem any structural flaws of this ambitious film.
Philadelphia Conveys the hornet's nest of ignorance, prejudice, half-truths, and devastating lies connected with AIDS.