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Yawn An inventive collection of essays probing modern restlessness and alienation.
Collateral An engrossing thriller set in Los Angeles about an insecure and procrastinating cab driver whose life is transformed by his encounter with a merciless hit man.
Thief Embues the crime story genre with fresh sophistication.
All Quiet on the Western Front A classic anti-war drama.
Ali Brings the larger-than-life boxing champion down-to-earth in a fascinating look at an astonishing decade in his amazing career.
Spirituality is not theology but attitude Spirituality is not theology but attitude
Heat A powerful and compelling drama about two similar men on the opposite sides of the law who find themselves on a collision course.
Miami Vice A tense urban drama about two gutsy undercover cops who enjoy their improvised lives of danger and surprises.
The Insider A gut-wrenching portrait of two stubborn idealists who decide to stand their ground against those who want to silence them.
Night Crossing Proves that a family united in a common project can accomplish near impossible things.